Why and how to do e-Marketing?

E-Marketing (Electronic Marketing) refers to the use of electronic media and applications for product promotion and customer relationship management. There are a lot of reasons to do e-Marketing:

  1. E-Marketing does not have the concept of boundary. Businesses can enter into foreign markets by online promotion at low cost.
  2. More and more businesses in every industry are doing e-Marketing, even your existing and potential competitors. E-marketing is a must for protecting your market share.
  3. Rental cost is getting higher and higher while e-Marketing cost is relatively much lower.

E-Marketing includes email marketing, SMS marketing and online banner advertising. Understood its importance, the next question is how to do e-Marketing? Let's see how our full e-Marketing solution helps.

Spread - Email and SMS Marketing Software

Spread email marketing platform includes an extensive feature list for you to create attractive HTML email newsletters and email campaigns, send personalized one-to-one messages, build and manage your mailing lists, and track opens and clicks in real-time. It helps B2C and B2B marketers and professionals, as well as individuals, to communicate with your customers, subscribers, and other email contacts effectively.

With the rise of mobile marketing, you can deliver instant text messages to subscribers by Spread. Apart from promotional SMS, you can reach customers and members by transactional SMS to pass necessary information for using your product and service. Some common types of transactional SMS are password authentication and reminder notification.

By email and SMS marketing on Spread, you can engage existing customers and convert more returned customers at much lower cost.

E-marketing Analytics Report

Comprehensive analytics report

- track e-Marketing campaign status and result such as
  opens / clicks / bounces / spams / unsubscribes
- schedule to send at the best time

High inbox deliverability

- confirmation email
- good relationship with worldwide ISPs
- manage bounced emails
- real-time spam monitor
- incentive for opening emails to enhance engagement

Smart email automation

- set automatic sending frequency, template and source
- generate email subject and content
- recommend products based on customer behaviour

Mobile and responsive marketing

- responsive email design for mobile users
- international SMS sending service to HK, China, Asia,   US, Europe and other regions

Powerful email editors

- user-friendly interface for email creation and design
- HTML and drag-and-drop editor
- A/B testing to get valuable user feedback for   enhancing email campaign performance

Engage website visitors

- publish email newsletters on Reasonable archive to   drive web traffic and improve search ranking (SEO)
- build subscription form on Spread and place on your   website to get more subscribers
- create event sign up form to invite and manage event   participants

Spread is the first cloud-based professional email marketing solution with servers and data centre in Hong Kong. For more details, please contact us.

Spread - Professional Email Marketing Software

Spread - Big Data Management

Adsmart - Email and Banner Ad Network

Apart from managing relationship with your current customers, there is a need to find new customers for your business growth.

AdSmart is an email and banner ad network. It is a 24-hour self-served ad platform, advertisers could easily reach several websites at a time, read profiles online and view the cost at once. AdSmart caters for B2B and B2C, a great e-Marketing solution for different industries such as FMCG, fashion, travel, heath care, catering, gadgets, education and bank & finance.

Are you deciding which e-Marketing channels to include in your media plan? You may click here to see what and how AdSmart helps your e-Marketing campaigns, finds new customers and drives revenue.

Reasonable Spread + Whitelist Service:
↑ 27% email inbox delivery = ↑ 27% sales